Volunteers are the heart of our organization. We depend on them daily to keep both the Food Bank and Soup Kitchen running smoothly. There are many opportunities for people to volunteer with us – serving meals at the Soup Kitchen, packing food hampers at the Food Bank, organizing and stocking shelves at the Food Bank, helping with Food Drives and assisting over the Christmas Holidays. Community members are also encouraged to volunteer by being a member of our Board. We are extremely thankful for each person who volunteers with us.

Volunteering at the Food Bank:

Volunteers help with receiving donations, organizing donated food items on shelves, checking expiry dates, condition of product and bagging up fruit and vegetables. They also help with packing food hampers and on days when clients arrive to take home food, volunteers help with greeting clients, carrying boxes and loading up cars.

Volunteer shifts are available both mornings and afternoons Monday through Friday.

To volunteer at the Food Bank please contact urhm.hampers@outlook.com or call 902-892-7092.

Volunteering at the Soup Kitchen:

Volunteers help our chef prep for meals (peeling/cutting veggies, buttering bread, preparing trays, pouring drinks, organizing desserts), they help serve the meal to our clients and help with clean up (cleaning tables, chairs, counters, washing dishes, sweeping and mopping floors).  Aprons, hair nets and gloves are provided for all our volunteers.

Volunteer shifts are available over the lunch period from 10AM to 1PM each day of the week, and the supper period from 3PM to 6PM Monday through Friday. We also welcome and encourage families, groups and churches to provide and host meals for the soup kitchen.

To volunteer at the Soup Kitchen please contact Lorraine Goley at 902-892-1995 or soupkitchenpei@gmail.com